One on One and Group Facilitation

“Neutral third party.”

One on One and Group Facilitation

Facilitation is a process in which individuals decide to engage the services of a neutral third party, that has no authority or decision making power, to help facilitate an interests based conversation by identifying positions, underlying reasons, impacts and solutions.

Circle Mediation Benefits

At Circle Consulting and Resolutions we provide a range of workplace services to help address a variety of issues that impact individuals, teams, small businesses and corporations.

We believe helping people engage in an interest based resolution process, rather than an adversarial process, benefits individuals in a number of significant ways, though sometimes formal investigations are required and necessary.


Mediation is a voluntary, non-adversarial process where parties come together in good faith to address a mutual issue. Mediation is a much faster process than litigation and using a court process and seeks to improve the relationship.


Mediation is a cost effective solution in which the two parties share the cost of the mediator and engage with their lawyer at the end of the process for independent Legal advice.


When participating in mediation parties have direct input into decisions that impact their lives rather than having a third party, such as a judge, make decisions that impact their lives directly.


Mediation is a confidential process, a court proceeding is not.


Participants in mediation can create and tailor a plan the meets everyone’s needs including, parents, children and extended family.

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