30 Day Challenge Day 9 Awareness

Today, I realised the importance of staying aware. I decided to do something that I had never done before: Welcome ALL emotions. This is not exactly the most enjoyable thing to do, but I discovered how critical it is to do this. Basically, if I let any negativity stay hidden somewhere in my mind, it will only cause more trouble later on, and I'm not about to cause myself anymore unnecessary hardships.

I don't particularly enjoy being aware of all these hidden emotions, but when they begin to surface, rather than automatically suppressing them (which can often happen within seconds by reaching for food, smoking, TV, procrastinating, etc), I stare them in the face. It's like I'm doing a waking meditation. I am doing my best to not let any thought go unnoticed.

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So, how am I doing this?

Simple. Whenever I have a thought, I would say "Yes" to it, to simply acknowledge it. The key is to say it consciously to everything that crosses my mind, and I often do it repeatedly to the same thought (almost like a mantra) but without doing it mindlessly. This not only allows me to consciously live my life (as opposed to living on autopilot), it keeps me aware of all the mental noise I have. Therefore it gives me opportunities to reduce the disempowering feelings that are often attached to these thoughts. Why does this work? Because the word 'yes' feels positive. It feels more open and welcoming, while 'no' feels more closed off, so when I take a positive and place it upon a negative, the negative is less negative. In other words, by repeating the word 'yes', it neutralizes the negative charge over time. Generally, this happens within minutes, though sometimes up to 30 minutes or longer.

I have used some other approaches from The Release Technique, but I particularly like to keep it simple just by saying 'yes'. It works, and I'm now seeing a LOT more junk coming out. It's like I'm cleansing myself. Not exactly fun, but more rewarding in the long run, and I am committed to freeing myself from these issues because I know for sure that they are the cause of all the problems I've had up until now.

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