Bipolar Disorder

Are you someone who deals with unexplained instances of frustration, depression, insomnia, and other emotional states that take you on a rollercoaster ride. You can go through several states of feeling unrealistically wonderful to an unnecessary pessimism. But what are the causes of bipolar II disorder? Is bipolar hereditary?

Bipolar II

Everyone has ups and downs. In fact, most of us have good and bad moods on a regular basis. Most people will move from a positive outlook to a negative outlook in cycles, but these are rather checked on the basis of reality. This is considered healthy behavior, and does not mean that someone is suffering from any kind of depression. Now, some cycle higher and lower than others.

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For instance, someone who is very emotional may have really extreme highs, and very extreme lows, but overall, it does not change who they are and conflict with his or her ability to function. Someone who does not experience these extremes and has very stable mood cycles is usually considered a brainy or mental person, not defined based on his or her emotions. These are normal cyclic mood swings, but there are cases when it goes beyond what is considered healthy.

A great litmus test to see if you have bipolar II disorder is if your mood swings affect your general ability to function.

The Causes of Bipolar II

Essentially, there really is no biological or anatomical cause, as it has mostly to do with the psychological experience. For instance, to answer the question, Is bipolar hereditary? That answer is, No.

Bipolar II disorder has little to do with brain chemistry, but that aspect can certainly influence the development. However, the most prevalent reason as to why a child might inherit bipolar II disorder from a parent is because the child learned it at a young age. In addition to that, bipolar II disorder usually only comes about because of a psychological traumatizing event or a drug addictive experience. When this occurs, the natural defenses of the brain kick on, and that's when you begin to have the episodes that make up bipolar II disorder.


Overall, bipolar II disorder will consist of extreme highs and extreme lows, and this will often be followed by a relapse.

In essence, you will usually start with a hypomanic episode in the beginning. Hypomanic bipolar II disorder episodes will often consist of unrealistic optimism, spending sprees, and heightened social interaction.

After that, the individual will fall from the high and go into a super depressive state that will often take a toll on jobs, result in uncontrolled bouts with insomnia and drowsiness. In essence, the mind is reacting from falling from such heights.

Perhaps the most efficient way to combat bipolar II disorder problems is to use anti-depressants. However, these will not be lifters per se, as they will be more like stabilizers. There are many types of medications that can assist in helping someone with bipolar II disorder.

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