Take another shot

You'll get knocked around. You'll realize you made a ton of mistakes, and that'll teach ya'. You'll definitely do better next time.

But we rarely get the opportunity to take another shot, or a second chance. If we do get that chance, it can be expensive or a big waste of time, or both.

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Then there's the other side. Governments and councils know about planning. Committees can be formed at the drop of a hat to dwell on important matters. There are meetings. Studies. Big unwieldy plans are made. Nothing happens for years. It's a case of analysis paralysis.

Planning is just as important and necessary as taking action, but moderating the two is essential.

If you want to lose weight for example, the best books and blogs on healthy living, dieting, and losing weight won't help a bit if you sit reading them instead of exercising. Use the blogs to help inspire, motivate and encourage when you need it. Your planning must have a transition into action and you need to know when planning isn't really the answer to your problems.

You're probably one or the other: a sitter, thinker or dweller, who needs a kick along to get things going; or an impatient, go-getter who wants to charge off and patch things up behind you as you go .

I'll focus this post on those who sit and think without ever starting with ways to take action:

1. Stop overthinking, start doing

It's amazing how easy it is to get overwhelmed. When there's too many choices sometimes you can just shut down. Overthinking your problems makes you get too far ahead of yourself. You think only of the big picture, not how to get there.

Stop and simplify your approach. Take things step by step. End the creative speculation when discovery and definition are required.

2. Are 'what-ifs' helping or hindering?

A good planning session takes in account the 'what-ifs'. But if you dwell on these for too long, you will start to doubt yourself. Try to reduce the insistence on completing all analysis before beginning by capturing it into a single thought: What's the worst that can happen?

If it's just that you might need to bounce back from a small setback that you hadn't thought of stop the doubting and start. You'll face challenges along the way. That happens when you are learning on the fly. But learning as you go means you have taken action and that you're closer to your goals then when you we're stuck planning.

3. Move past perfection

When I do something that's important, I'll happily spend an eternity getting it right. The thing is though, nothing can be perfect. Striving for it will only cause heartache. Remember that you can always improve, set a deadline for your work, and after that move on. Evaluate the most important things to get right or that will be difficult to change post-launch. Then start doing it and fix it later. Forgo perfection. Perfection puts the brakes on action.

If you want to succeed, double your failure rate. Thomas Watson, Founder IBM

4. Build momentum

It's a piece of cake to pick something up and run with it when you're enjoying it. You're enthusiastic and motivated. Don't let anything stop you run with it, explore this new passion you've opened up. Don't stop to critically analyse your work, or stop and list obstacles. Save that for later when you've come up for air and can given the project a review. Run with it for now.

5. Apply it don't acquire it

Chances are you'll want to read up on a topic before trying it. You'll pick up tips, learn from others' mistakes, avoid traps for young players. But there is a tendency to focus on acquiring that knowledge in case we need it and never actually apply it. Make the change.

A quote to inspire: I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand Confucius

6. Don't be afraid to get help

Compensate by getting help for your very difficult problems. Effective leaders acknowledge they have weaknesses. They seek assistance from competent associates or peers who have the strengths they lack. Some of the best business partnerships are created with opposing personalities a planner and a doer is a great match to reach a good medium.

Part of each tip to beat this problem is recognizing the weakness in yourself and taking the necessary steps to change your behavior.

I'm really interested to know if you can take anything away from this that you can use. Feel free to leave a comment or to get in touch with me if you have anything to say.

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