Ego-stress vs Soul-stress

Emotional well-being is important. It is important to maintain health and to allow your body to heal. It is preventive as well as curative. Emotional well-being is important to experience the life fully. To contribute in your own unique way to this world. Maintaining complete emotional well-being is everything. We also call it being stress-free. But how do we be stress free?

We need to start by understanding what stress is. Stress is our guide and not our enemy. Stress says there is something that we need to work on to live our life more fully. Presence of stress means either our ego is feeling threatened or because our soul demands action.

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Ego-stress. Ego blames others for the outcome. Ego plays the victim. Ego outsources responsibly of keeping you happy onto others. Ego blames. Ego tells you that you can't take 100% responsibility. Ego tells you that others need to change in order for you to be happy. I will be happy once my boss becomes appreciative of my efforts. Once my parents start understanding me. I will feel OK once he apologizes to me. This what story of stress caused by ego sounds like. The solution is to untell the painful story and to tell a new empowering story.Take your power back by taking 100% responsibility for your life.

Soul-stress. Soul-stress is also known as divine dis-satisfaction. Your soul knows when a situation doesn't serve you any longer. Soul always wants you to remember your true potential and stop playing small. It wants you to stop saying yes when you want to say no. To stand up for yourself. When your stress is because a part of you wants you to get out of the comfort zone, it is your soul aching for more. The solution is to feel your fears completely and take the leap of faith anyway.

Listen to the guidance of your stress and never ever ignore it. Because ignoring it means playing small. Settling down for less than the best. Remember, by living your best life you not only serve yourself but also become of service to the world.

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