Panic Attacks Defined

Panic Disorder or Panic Attack? Let's define it

Panic attack a sudden or intense fear, anxiety or sense of impending doom, which reaches a peak very quickly. (Usually within a few minutes of it starting).

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There are known to be three types of panic attack, these are;

Spontaneous panic Associated to panic disorder these attacks come without warning at any time regardless of location or situation.

This sort of attack does not need an external catalyst to start it. Spontaneous panic often happens during sleep, waking the sufferer in it's throws causing the person to think they are having a heart attack or some- thing similar. Panic attacks happen consciously as a response to an unusual thought or sensation which acts as the catalyst to your catastrophic thought process. In other words, when unusual thoughts or sensations, which are common in anxiety disorders, suddenly rear their heads, the sufferers immediate reaction is to panic.

The brain has been programmed to respond like this through repeated experiences. This reaction starts a downward spiral of anxiety symptoms; the more symptoms there are, the more the person panics and the more they panic the more the symptoms occur. Fear breeds fear and the cycle starts.

Specific panic attacks These attacks happen in relation to a specific situation or place that causes fear. These attacks are usually the response to agoraphobia or post traumatic stress disorder where revisiting the site of a car crash for example, could cause an attack. Many people who experience panic whilst driving, find it increasingly difficult to drive again. Many sufferers associate travel with high anxiety and start to avoid travel. This is nonsensical, geography has absolutely no bearing on your physical anxiety levels.

Situational panic Although these attacks, like specific panic attacks, usually happen in certain situations, they are not caused by that situation. For example a woman who has a panic attack on a bus, may only suffer them in that situation occasionally. She is predisposed to having attacks on the bus but it is not a response to fear of the bus.

Although you may get immediate results using effective techniques to immediately stop panic attacks does work, chances are that you will need to practice them.

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