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The law of attraction is really relevant here with attitude. Everything you put out into the world, you will get back. You smile at someone and they will smile back. It was your attitude that made the other person smile. Immediately you have broken down any barriers that may of existed. Everything that happens in Life is based on the law of cause and effect. Remember this as it's very important. When you come into contact with a person, always the person that is more certain in his way of being will influence the other person. So basically if a person with a bad attitude gets introduced to a person with a good attitude, if the good person is stronger in his attitude, ultimately he will influence the other person. Here is the skinny. A person with a fantastic attitude is an absolute magnet for good to come into his life.

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That my friend is the law. It is not possible to have a great attitude, give great service to people you meet, treat everyone you come into contact with like royalty, without getting abundances of good things coming back to you in return. That is the law my friend. It is not that it may happen, it must happen. On the contrary, a person who has a bad attitude, who is always whining, always giving out about his lot in life and always telling people about his problems, this person is an absolute magnet for a life of misery. Again my friend, this is a law, it is not fiction nor make believe. It is as true as the fact that night follows day. By now, you are seeing that all this personal development stuff is connected and it is. Definitely thinking in the right way are connected. By having the right attitude, you are going to be thinking right and vice versa, by thinking positive, you are going to have a great attitude.

Every time, you are talking about your problems, every time you are whining, every time you are speaking about your hardships, you are causing the desired effect. If you feel a need to discuss your problems, you should go to a professional like a coach or counselor. Do not discuss your problems with friends who are wallowing with you in your self pity. The only person outside of a professional you should be discussing your problems with is a person who is going to build you up, to get you to take action and start focusing on the solutions, not the problem. This is a leader, a person who will always focus on the good and solutions instead of the problem. What can talking about problems and worrying bring you?. How can it bring you any good?. It cant.

This is what leads people into depression and the gutter. They wallow in their own self pity and then when they try to get out, it's too late as they have filled their minds with so much negativity that it becomes closed and it only sees the dark. From understanding how the mind works, I now know how easy it is for someone to get into depression. First the person starts out with a bad attitude, then unfortunately they find an audience or the wrong reference group with whom they can share their grief. For some sick reason, the people involved get some sort of satisfaction of wallowing in their own self pity.

Attitude Is The Foundation For All Success'es & The Most Important Attribute You Can Have

Over a period of time, this scenario continues until the person wakes up one day and decided to stay in bed as now the mind has taken control. Guys, your mind is the biggest gift you have have been blessed with from birth. You can either use it or abuse it. That is your decision but one thing I know, you must control your thinking. You must become aware of what you are putting into your mind.

Next time when you encounter a negative person or situation, become aware of what's happening. The first step is awareness. When you become aware of what information is going in, then you can start to control what's going in. It all goes back to your peer or reference group. What are these people saying to you. Are they lifting you up or bringing you down to their level. To be honest, It is very difficult to have a fantastic attitude when you see what is happening in our world today. My son for example can see if I permitted it more death in 10 minutes on the morning news before he goes to school than Napoleon saw on the battlefield.

Its not easy maintain a positive attitude. Thats why you must control your thinking. You must control what's going into that fantastic mind you have. Remember, everything is life is based on the law of cause and effect. Everyday with what you speak, with what you do, with how you behave, you causing an effect to take place which most definitely take place.

Did you fill someone up today with a positive mental attitude or not?. Did you help someone out today or not?. Everything you do, think, say will cause an effect and it will be positive or negative. A first rule to live by is to never ever speak bad about someone. This is because you are causing an effect to happen. By speaking very poorly of someone, you are setting events in motion that is going to result in something negative. How you act is seen, how you behave, how you talk, etc. If a person really gets you down, and you want to get it off your chest, go to a professional if you must and talk about it but do not and I repeat do not talk about a person to friends in a poor manner. Maybe that person really does have a bad attitude and he really irritates you but you must never let his poor attitude effect your good attitude. If you let him bring you down to the gutter, he has shown that he is the bigger man.

Have your ideals, don't let petty things or people worry you. If you are in business, think of it this way every bad thought, action or mood is dollars fleeing your account. If you are in a relationship, the same, every bad thought, action or mood you entertain is day by day distancing your partner from you. No partner wants to be around a negative person and if they do, that relationship is doomed from the off. Ultimately a person with a positive attitude is a person that expects more good to happen to him in his life than bad.

They are a magnet for success and positivity. They get lucky obviously because they are always in a positive state. So from today on my friend, treat everyone you meet as if they are the most important person in the world. Always talk and behave in a positive manner, always talk about what you are grateful for and also what great attributes your friends have. You will be an absolute breath of fresh air as unfortunately so many people in our world today are dominated by fear. Everyone looking over their shoulder seeing what the other person is doing, nobody trusting their neighbor like they did before. Unconditional love is the answer to everything. Irrespective of what is happening around you, maintain your values.

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