When looking back throughout history at some of the most successful...

When looking back throughout history at some of the most successful individuals, Lincoln, Ford, Edison and virtually every high achieving family that ever existedthe Kennedys, Trumps, Carnegies, they all have some common characteristics that we can take note of. The most common and arguably most powerful characteristic of high achievers is the ability to have unwavering confidence; confidence in self, confidence in those supporting their aspirations, and confidence that they will reach their personal goals.

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Lets get dictionary for a minute. The word confidence means full trust and assurance in something. Whether it is in a person, an outcome or an ability, confidence is trusting that a set of circumstances will turn out a specific way. One of the reasons that the successful families of history remain successful is because they pass down to their children the ability to be confident. They teach their kids to think confidently and to act confidently. They understand that confidence catches attention and brings support. In essence, confidence is power.

Even though this ability is inherited in some families, it does not mean that it cannot be learned. In fact there are many stories of individuals in this century who we're born into less than fortunate circumstances who went on to confidently achieve massive success. Like any other learned skill it takes two things to build confidence, time and practice.

In this article I am going to share with you some of the tips that I teach to my clients that will help you learn how to build confidence like a high achiever.

Tell yourself.

I know that it seems silly to talk to yourself, but affirmations really can help increase your mental awareness and increase your focus on your desired result. Tell yourself that you are confident and that you are constantly surrounded by circumstances that help to increase your confidence.

Start thinking about what you want, instead of what you don't want.

It is very simple, confidence that you will succeed is faith, confidence that you will not succeed is doubt. Most people are amazing at doubting themselves, and their life is a reflection of that. Just understanding that you are creating your circumstances should be empowering. Think about your own mental practice. Do you focus on what you want out of a situation, or do you focus on what you are afraid will happen. Try flipping the switch and having faith in yourself and see what happens.

Know that there is no difference between you and the high achiever.

You have got to realize that high achievers are made of the exact same stuff you and I are made of. You have every amount of potential to be great as they do. Comparing your journey with that of someone else is a dangerous mental practice that will always lead to problems. Avoid this behavior and focus on the fact that if they can do it so can you.

Focus on one thing at a time.

When you focus on too much at any given time, you miss the information about any one subject that will make you the expert. Rather than being the Jack of all trades, become the master of one. You will instantly begin to see your confidence rise.

Surround yourself with confident people.

In Napoleon Hills mid 20th century book Think and Grow Rich, Hill discusses throughout, the importance of being surrounded by people who we look up to and are inspired by. Hill had the great fortune of being mentored by Andrew Carnegie one of the most successful figures of the time and knew first hand the power that comes with borrowed confidence. Surrounding yourself with confident and successful people is empowering because not only are those people likely to show confidence in you, but we also have the tendency to adopt character traits of those around us. Find some friends that will uplift you.


Read books and magazines, listen to audio and watch tv and movies that are uplifting. Replace the things that create worry and anxiety. Make it a daily practice to be inspired.

Confidence is about replacing activities in your life that create fear with activities that create faith. You have just as much ability as a Carnegie or any other person for that matter to be, do and have amazing things in life. Go make it happen!

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