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Circle Mediation Consulting and Resolutions Philosophy

At Circle Mediation Consulting and Resolutions we believe that Trust, Respect, Caring and Good Communication are the four main pillars of positive relationships. When people believe they are trusted, respected, cared for and have good communication with others they thrive, while creating an environment where everyone feels safe to share, problem-solve and collaborate. ​

We believe that caring is the most important pillar of positive relationships. When people show others that they care it builds trust, respect and leads to good communication.

Our mediation process is based off of this principle. At the outset of the mediation process we complete individual intakes to assess good faith and a willingness to participate in the process. Participation in a mediation process from a position of good faith and caring is the biggest decision disputing parties will make.

We aim to create an environment of caring, respect and trust to facilitate good communication. Once these pillars have been established between the parties the only thing left to do is put in the work with a neutral and impartial third party and come up with a creative plan to meet everyone's needs.

We can help you with this.

Jeremy de Boer
B.A., Cert. in Med.,​Acc. Med., Q. Med

Jeremy has over 17 years of experience helping families, individuals, small companies and corporations address a variety of concerns.

Jeremy is an accredited mediator with ADRIO, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario.

After graduating from the University of Waterloo, majoring in Sociology, Jeremy completed the requirements for his Certificate in Mediation from Conrad Grebel College at the University of Waterloo.

​Jeremy began mediating family separation agreements, and civil disputes in 2003 in private practice and as a volunteer at Community Justice Initiatives in the Region of Waterloo

In 2008, Jeremy began working at the Children’s Aid Society as a Child Protection Worker. Jeremy worked with families, The office of the children’s lawyer, Judges, and private legal counsel mediating and negotiating parenting plans, service agreements, and court orders with the goal of creating a safe environment for children.

In 2016 Jeremy left the Children’s Aid Society to work at the University of Waterloo in the Conflict Management and Human Rights Office. In his current role as Senior Case Consultant Jeremy does initial consultations with clients and provides services based on the needs of Staff, Student, Faculty, Union Representatives and Line Management.

Jeremy provides the following services to the University of Waterloo campus community:

Workplace Mediation Services – two or more parties

Group Meeting Facilitation – multi-departmental issues with multiple parties including unions.

  • Workplace Assessments – survey or interview style
  • One on One Conflict Coaching
  • Management Consultations on the Ontario Human Rights Code and The Occupational Health and Safety Act, Bill C-65 – obligations and responsibilities
  • Workplace Fairness Assessments

​Jeremy has an extensive amount of education and experience in the fields of Human Rights and Conflict Management. Please see below for a list of qualifications or click on the link to see Jeremy’s LinkedIn profile.

​Outside of work Jeremy enjoys playing a range of sports such as hockey, basketball, soccer. When not working or playing sports Jeremy can be found on canoe trips and spending time with family and friends.

Education and Ongoing Professional Development​


Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute Of Ontario/Canada

  • Accredited Qualified Mediator in Good Standing, Ongoing

​Workplace Fairness Institute, Greater Toronto Metropolitan Area

  • Certified Workplace Fairness Analyst​, 2020

Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute Of Ontario

  • Impasse Management for the Master Mediator, 2020

Dr. Laurie Haskell, University Of Western Ontario, London

  • Trauma Informed Interview Training, 2019

​Human Resources Professional Association

  • Charted Human Resources Professional, 2018 (CANDIDATE)

​Sexual Violence Prevention And Response, University Of Waterloo, Waterloo

  • Sexual Violence Awareness Training, 2018

Rubin Thomlinson Workplace Training & Consulting LLp, Toronto

  • Workplace Assessments, 2017
  • Assessing Credibility, 2016
  • Basic Workplace Investigation Techniques and Report Writing Training, 2014
  • Essential Human Rights Primer, 2014

Organizational And Human Development, University Of Waterloo, Waterloo

  • Principles of Inclusivity Certificate, 2017


Bernard + Associates Inc, Waterloo

  • Intensive Investigation Interviewing Training, 2015

Caring Dad’s Facilitator Training, London

  • Facilitator Training, 2010
  • Accredited Caring Dad’s Facilitator, 2010

Huron Perth Children’s Aid Society, Stratford

  • Hope at work – Building Positive Relations, 2013

Ontario Association Of Children’s Aid Society, Toronto

  • Protection investigations, Custody and Access, 2009
  • Cornerstones of Child Welfare, 2008
  • Forensic Interviewing, 2008
  • Legal Framework of Child Welfare, 2008
  • Maltreatment and Child Development, 2008
  • Intake Investigations, 2008
  • Legal Process and Procedures, 2008


Conrad Grebel College, University Of Waterloo, Waterloo

  • Certificate in Conflict Management, 2003

University Of Waterloo, Waterloo

  • 4 year Bachelors of Arts majoring in Sociology, 1999

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