Are you in a position you aren't happy with? Do you think you deserve more money? Do you want to be further up the corporate ladder? Would you like more respect? Do you want the opportunity to lead more people? Just in general, DO YOU WANT MORE?

If you WANT more, you must BECOME more. Have you ever seen those people who win millions in the lottery and five years later they have spent all the money and back living with their relatives, when that should have been enough money to provide them and their children for a lifetime? What about those people who go on a crash diet and lose an enormous amount of weight? Six months later, they have gained all the weight back plus some. What about those who get divorced time and time again because the person they marry is abusive, or a cheater, or can't hold a job? On the other hand those people who are well off and they lose everything they own and they eventually regain all of their wealth? Think back to the biblical story of Job. He lost everything he owned and in the end God gave him back everything and then some.

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Its related to your internal set point. Heres how it works. Think of it like a thermostat. Lets say your internal thermostat is set on a certain temperature and it gets really cold outside. Sooner or later the heat will kick in and regulate the internal temperature back to it's internal set point. On the other hand, if it becomes really hot outside, soon the cool air from the conditioner will turn on and return the room to the set point.

So whatever happens to you externally, you will always return your outside world to your internal set point. You will only ever be able to produce and maintain the outside results of the way you view yourself from the inside.

What I'm suggesting, is for you to raise your set point. Expect more for yourself where you are.Dont just want a better position. If you just want a better job, or position, or title, as soon as you get it, you will develop the mindset of I have arrived. Then you stop growing and you will still be unsatisfied. Create a better position where you are.Start doing the little things on a daily basis that will make you successful to create the life and results you want.

Once your set point raises, everything on your outside world almost magically starts to match your internal set point. So if you want more on the outside, YOU MUST BECOME MORE ON THE INSIDE.

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