How To Build Self Confidence Formula In Think And Grow Rich

If you have ever memorized anything and then recited it again and again, it is easy to turn the whole exercise into a rote experience. You say the words without paying attention to them, because they are so familiar. A creed in church. A Boy Scout or Girl Scout oath. A Pledge of Allegiance. A song. A poem. Anything that you learn and then repeat again and again can easily lose it's meaning unless you attempt to see it with fresh eyes.

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This article is about self confidence, with particular attention on the words themselves. What do the words actually mean? How does knowing what the words mean show you how to build self confidence?

The First Step Of The Self Confidence Formula

The first step in the Self Confidence formula is:

First. I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my Definite Purpose in life, therefore, I DEMAND of myself persistent, continuous action toward it's attainment, and I here and now promise to render such action.

This first step is loaded with significant words with specific meanings.

What You Know

Significantly, the first words are, I know. The formula doesn't begin with I hope , I think , I wish , I believe . It begins with I know.

What does it mean when you claim that you know something? How is this different from claiming that you hope for it, think it, wish it, or believe it?

When you know that you have the ability to do something you are stating a fact. You are stating a truth about yourself. Consider what it would mean for your self confidence if you know as fact that you have the ability to do what you desire to do.

Your Definite Purpose In Life

The idea of your purpose in life is one of the most compelling questions of human life. It is directly related to questions about the meaning of life in all aspects of human thought and belief. Theories about life purpose range across every discipline, including philosophy, spirituality, religion, and science.

The basic definition of purpose in the Think And Grow Rich Self Confidence formula concerns intention. What is your intended goal in life?

It is also significant that Hill refers to a definite purpose. Your purpose is specific and clearly defined.

The Object Of Your Definite Purpose In Life

What catches my attention here is the word object. The phrase, Definite Purpose, is capitalized in the original. The capitalization makes it easy to overlook the importance of the little word object.

As a matter of grammar, the word, object, in the first step is also the direct object of the verb. If you are a bit rusty on your grammar here, the direct object receives the action of an active verb.

Consider this simple sentence: They build a house. They are the ones who do the action. The action is to build. The object they build is a house.

The Object Is A Thing

In Hills Self Confidence formula, my Definite Purpose is not the direct object of the verb. Instead, the direct object is the object of my Definite Purpose in life.

Why does this matter? It matters because an object is a thing. A purpose is intangible.

Its the difference between a vague goal, such as creating financial freedom and a specific measurable object, such as having one hundred thousand dollars in the bank.

The Critical Insight About How To Build Self Confidence

Its easy to make declarations about goals, but until those big goals are identified as specific objects to achieve, they will remain vague, unspecified dreams.

When you recite this self confidence formula, you are claiming that you have the ability to create specific things that are the result of achieving your purpose.

Put another way, you can't accomplish your purpose in life without turning your thoughts into things. This is a critical idea in how to build self confidence.

How To Build Self Confidence By Demand

Another critical word in the self confidence formula is demand . Although the word demand has a range of meanings in English, the first meaning listed by is to ask for with proper authority; claim as a right.

Why does this matter? It matters because you are not asking anyone else for anything. You are demanding something of yourself that you have the authority to demand. You are demanding of yourself that you claim your right to have self confidence.

In a world in which so many of us have spent lifetimes asking other people for permission, this formula turns things around. You are the one with the authority over your own self confidence and you have a right to your own self confidence.

The most significant insight of all here is that you are the one who is doing the demanding. You are demanding self confidence of yourself.

Self confidence is not something that anyone can give you, and you cannot achieve self confidence by half-hearted efforts.

How To Build Self Confidence Persistently

Another significant word in the first step is persistence. defines a persistent person as one who continues in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement, etc.

In psychology, persistence is a personality trait consisting of eager effort, hard work, ambition, and perfectionism.

Another term used to describe this personality trait is grit . Grit is courage, pluck, nerve. Grit is necessary to persevere to accomplish long term goals.

Napoleon Hill As A Case Study Of Grit

The story of Napoleon Hill himself is a study in grit and determination. He spent years persistently studying the most successful men of his era to find out what separated them from people who we're not successful. The result was Think And Grow Rich.

Perhaps the most critical component in success is persistence itself. Persistence in pursuit of an ambition is the willingness to continue in pursuit of a goal, despite obstacles and discouragement. Persistence that leads to success is keeping on keeping on, no matter what stands in your way.

How To Build Self Confidence By Continuous Action

The first step also demands continuous action. The critical word is continuous . The meaning of continuous is that it is uninterrupted in time. A continuous effort is a non-stop effort. It is uninterrupted action.

How to build self confidence takes time and it takes concentrated effort. Sudden breakthroughs can and do happen, but long lasting self confidence results from persistent, continuous actions to achieve your Definite Purpose in life.

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